Activity Description & Educational Objectives


This educational activity is based on the curriculum for Electronic Roll Call Training.  
Electronic Roll Call helps to mark attendance of all the people who attend clinics electronically.

Privacy Reminder


Information stored on Electronic Roll Call includes the names of all the attendees of clinic.


Technical Help


If you have problems logging in, please contact:

 Project ECHO IT: (505) 750-4897
 E-mail: echo@salud.unm.edu



Target Audience


This activity has been designed to meet the educational needs of any and all Project ECHO partners. 

Requirements for Successful Completion


In order to receive an ECHO certificate, participants must complete the activity: view the Electronic Roll Call User Guide, view the Electronic Roll Call Registration page, view the Electronic Roll Call webpage to mark attendance aaelectronically, view the Electronic Roll Call Training videos Playlist, and complete the quiz. There are no pre-requisites and there is no fee to participate in this activity


Media: Internet

Release and Expiration Dates: Current

Time to Complete: Varies per individual (Total length time of video content : 00:04:28 )


There were no conflicts of interest.


Course Director and Moderator


Ronselle Harrison; ECHO Technical Training

ECHO Institute; Project ECHO®

University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center



*Ronselle Harrison has nothing to disclose.